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May 4, 2015

$10,000 Week Of Giveaways!

Happy Monday!

We are on our first official day of our We {HEART} Teachers event!

I know as teachers, we don't usually look forward to Mondays... but this Monday is special! It's the first day of Teacher Appreciation week! That means you'll be showered with notes of thanks, tokens of affection and LOTS OF HUGS! <3!

It also means it's time to giveaway some AMAZING prizes!

Today, we have this amazing #TeacherEssentials prize pack for you!

This is a small collection of items to help you get through your weeks!

Here's a peek at what YOU can win..

1. Blair Turner Paper Notepads- How cute are these? Perfect for all those last minute lists! And the Fun colors are SURE to brighten up any paper piled desk! ;)

2. Spring Bling Coffee Cozy from Miss Squirrels Shop- Now that the end of the year is starting, coffee is a must! keep it warm with this adorable bejeweled cozy! <3

3. 12 Pack of Flair Pens- So you can write beautiful "to do" lists on those notepads! ;)

4. Custom Designed Pencil Door Hanger from Tallahassee Sunday- They made the CUTEST apple door hanger for me! Now you'll get one too!

5. Custom Water Color Print from The Teacher Print Shop- Rachel from The Tattooed Teacher has an eye for desgin and she'll make you a CUSTOM Water color type print and MAIL it you! YES PLEASE!  

6. Pampered Teacher Box- Every teacher deserves a little pampering! Pampered Teacher is a monthly subscription service that sends you special hand picked teacher items based on your likes and wants! They've graciously donated one box for you!

7. $10 Starbucks Gift Card- So you can have a cup to wrap that ADORABLE coffee cozy around! Oh and help fuel you for a few more days!

8. Planbook Subscription for a year- I switched from a word document style lesson plan book to using this online service and I LOVE it! User friendly, easy, and soooo convenient. I can even send my lesson plans to my teammates!

That's an AMAZING prize pack! What to enter? Enter below using the Rafflecopter!

AND don't forget today's the last day for you to enter the chance to win one of three $40 GC for

TeachersPayTeachers, just in time for their Teacher Appreciation Sale!

Click here to go enter that giveaway! We'll be announcing the winners tomorrow AND We'll have another AMAZING prize pack up for grabs... let's just say teachers love their apple... products... ;)

April 25, 2015

Open House Bugs Unit and a Freebie

We are really bugging out in my classroom! I am about 3 weeks from open house, but we are almost ready! Each afternoon, I dedicate 20 minutes to informational reading. We have been using my Bugging Out Unit to read, write, and explore the world of insects.

Slide6 I started the our unit of informational reading with this great close reading passage. I asked the kids, “Are you an insect?” “No!” they yelled! I asked are you sure? How do you know? They didn’t know. So we read the passage below titled “Are you an insect?”


After reading it once, we determined that while we are similar to insects (legs, heads, abdomens),  we are very different and indeed NOT insects. (What a relief- That was a close one!) We did a second close read of the passage to see if we were able to remember main parts of an insect’s body.  Then we began studying specific insects. We began with these darling busy bees. I started our 2-week study on bugs with a fluency passage called “Busy Busy Honeybees”.

Slide3The kids were insane for the videos I showed them on making honey, queen bees, bee dancing, and finding nectar. Of course, I included all those links in this unit. The common core wants us learning from multi media. I took that to heart when lesson planning for my students.  As a bonus we watched the Magic School Bus video on Bees!

After bees we headed into our study of ants!

I made a giant ant hill and we began learning about the different jobs an ant might have inside the anthill. We color coded our answers on the Anthill passage to verify our thinking was correct. The children all got to chose a job in anthill and do a little write up in our folded art. This art took us minutes, but the the learning and visual impact are big!


Our ladybug study started with a grammar lesson. We discussed compound words and how the compound word actually reveals meaning. A snowman is a man-like shape made out of snow. A backpack is a pack we wear on our backs. It was the biggest ah-ha moment for them. They were dazzled! We created compound word ladybugs, read about the life cycle of the ladybug, and enjoyed another week of fluency. 


Slide4Our study on the praying mantis was outrageous and fun. I bought a preying mantis egg case and the children are obsessed with watching over it. The passage and art were full of rigor and fun!

Lastly, we moved onto butterflies, which are my favorite bug! 

Slide1We read text, color coded our questions and answers, made stunning art, and we wrote. The kids wrote like champions because they had learned so much! The Q-Tip Art paining was so easy!!!! These butterflies took us 5 minutes!!! The art and Butterfly Fact and Opinion is a freebie from me to you! Monarch butterfly freebie- Fact and Opinion and Art from Teacher to the CoreDownload now newJust a few more things to do, like our ladybug writing and I am getting close to being ready! This is such a fun time in the year and I can’t wait for this Open House to be my best yet!!! If you are looking for a great lesson plans and activities about bugs, look no further.

cover TPT 3

April 24, 2015

The Best Teacher Appreciation Gift Ever

Teacher Appreciation IdeaThe minute I saw these wooden apple signs, I knew I had to have one! I jumped on the JANE deal and ordered 3 circle monograms for upcoming weddings, one for my own front door, and then got an apple for my classroom. The one for my classroom has my name and looks just like this, except my name is not Mrs. Sanchez.
Teacher AppreciationThey come in their natural wood color so you can customize the paint in anyway you wish once it arrives. My apple is pink with a light green leaf. In the process of ordering for all the weddings, I contacted the owner of the company. I was wondering if doing an apple in my blog logo would be too hard. Not only was it possible, but they had it done and shipped to me in no time! I love this company and their products!
They are running a special on JANE right now!!!! Today!!!!! Go shop!!!!
Teacher Appreciation 3
Or you can buy from them all the time here!
Teacher Appreciation 2

April 19, 2015

Earth Day with 6 Freebies

Slide1 Look at that little smiling face! I think he loves his Earth Day hat! And really what’s not to love about a day devoted to caring for our planet.  I plan a whole day full of rich literacy, math review, and writing focused on turning my students into “Planet Protectors”.

We read and interact with a little books, color code several passages, watch a couple Discovery Education clips, a do some reading comprehension too.

Slide2 Right after lunch we GET MOVING into the hallway and do a fun little spin on “Read the Room” It’s called “Helping or Hurting”. Then we do some darling art. We end our day with marching orders to help our families learn to love the Earth with a super simple community project!

Slide3Of course, you know any unit that I create is going to have art.  I have 3 super simple projects! It’s a fast paced day that leaves my classroom beautiful and my students full of information!

Slide1  To grab your freebies simply click on the pink words below!

  • Earth Day Hats from Kindergarten Smorgasboard
  • Earth Day ABC order from Teacher to the Core
  • Earth Day Main Idea Mystery from Growing Firsties
  • Earth Day Acrostic from Elementary Sparkle
  • Earth Day Making words from Simply Skilled in Second
  • Earth Day Trash Tracker from the Tatooed Teacher
  • BONUS FREEBIE-Read, Think, and Match by Sarah’s 1st Grade Snippets
  • Each night this week my students will take home an Earth Day paper from my unit and the fabulous freebies above! This really drives home the concept and the kids are practicing valuable literacy skills! Of course, I end all the learning with a writing unit and some grades in my grade book using a great test from the unit. Hallelujah for a Social Studies grade and a Paragraph Writing grade!

    If you want to grab this great unit, It’s on sale for Earth Day! The sale will run Sunday to Thursday (April 19-23) Simply, click the picture below!


    April 12, 2015

    Classroom Management Salvation with a You Tube Video Explanation!

    Sometimes I feel like the classroom nag.

    • Sit in your chair correctly.
    • Write your name on your paper.
    • Don’t eat your crayons.
    • Write your name on your paper.
    • Stop licking your neighbor.
    • Write your name on your paper.

    I am no longer the classroom nag, no sir-ee. I end my day bragging!  

    Awarding Kids / 30 Second Awards Ceremony

    Here is the deal. I still use a clip chart/ card pulling chart. I think kids need a visual reminder of how it’s going.  And you know what, it just works for me. It keeps me from having to give dirty looks, give and get tickets constantly, and the constant vocal appeals to control their behavior.
    But a clip chart/ card pulling chart can have a very negative damaging effect. It can make a child absolutely famous for all the wrong reasons.  By systematically praising my students, I build them up with quality genuine praise while also keeping them in line during the day.  The bottom line. Not one child is all good or all bad. It’s a mixed bag. Shout Outs help to me praise even the hardest child, who picks their boogers during every lesson and eats them.  You know what… Booger boy not only keeps a clean nose, he also keeps a clean desk.
    Shout Outs Full Sheet Table spotJust in case the video isn't working, I thought I might explain as well:
    During last recess,  I start pulling notes from a pocket chart (my friend uses a shoe holder) and I write names on the mini awards.
    30 second shout outs highlight excellence.  Like a mini awards ceremony! Simply print, photocopy, and reward!  More than 80 rewards included in full and quater sheet sizes.
    How It Works For Me 
    OK so we know Miley Cyrus is currently a little, um, wild, but if I had to teach her right now, in her current state, I would need to find a way to catch her being good.  I did not make a note that says “ Good job staying fully clothed” but Miley might keep a clean desk, and that might be the only thing I could find to praise. These notes help me to easily see the good in every child.
    Brag about your students when you see a glimmer of great behavior because nagging them won't work As the kids finish packing up they come to the carpet wearing their packs, and we have a 30 second awards ceremony.  I call out a name, say what the award is for, and shake their hand. They take their award and stand in front of the group. Then I award 5-7 kids. ( See graphic below) It looks something like this…
    BRAG don't NAG - Such a cute way to shout out great classroom behavior and watch it multipy
    Then the “audience kids” take out their imaginary cameras, make picture taking sounds, and then shout in unison, “You’re FAMOUS!” I swear the little award recipients are beaming, blossoming, and making me tear up almost every day.  Then we leave. These awarded kids go soaring out the door and their first words when they get in the car are…
    “MRS KNIGHT GAVE ME AN AWARD TODAY! I’M THE PRINTING PRINCE!” Then the mother kisses her elated child, and the mom gives me an extra big smile while I am out on traffic duty.
    What a scene. It’s really amazing!
    Brag about your students when you see a glimmer of great behavior because nagging them won't work and you never know what your students can go on to accomplish
    Plus, we never know what a child can become with extra encouragement.  Maya loved words! And once she found her voice, she shared it with the world!
     Shout out great classroom behavior- brag instead of nag (5)
    Brag about your students when you see a glimmer of great behavior because nagging them won't work and you never know who your students will go to touch or what live they will help change in the future
    We don’t know if the child in front of us is going to go on to help others in the field of education.  I want to meet the person that encouraged Cara in her early life. I want to meet the person who told her she should write a blog.  I want to thank them.  I want to foster in others what someone had fostered in Cara! Maybe someday one of my students will come back and say, “Thanks for the encouragement notes Mrs. Knight. It made a difference!”
    Shout out great classroom behavior- brag instead of nag
    Sub Helper Notes- Leave this series of 4 notes for your sub to hand out at the end of the day for the kids who helped her most
    These are Sub Helper Notes- I leave a series of 4 notes for my sub to hand out at the end of the day. She or he picks the kids who helped most. My last sub begged me for a copy of the notes. She plans to use them daily for the various rooms she visits.  Awards praise being calm, raising hands, listening carefully and following directions. What more could a sub ask for!?!Shout out great classroom behavior- brag instead of nag (4)
    Shout out great classroom behavior- brag instead of nag (3)
    Shout out great classroom behavior- brag instead of nag (2)
    Organizing is easy!
    You can use a pocket chart, an index card file, a shoe hanger, clear sleeves in a folder, or just stacks standing on end in a drawer.
    IMG_0172[1]I am using a centers chart that came with my reading series, but I found these stunning shoe organizers and I am about to buy them because the colors are amazing!
    pretty pocket charts2 image
    Starting: You can print up the 20 notes you think you will need most or start with 1 kind of award. Award peacemakers for a week, then switch to award printing princes and princesses, then switch to children to receive compliments. I included lots of management tips, check off sheets and a complete table of contents in the unit
    Slide4 Slide5
    TPT 3
    Shout Outs and Parent Reminders will help you be positive  and organized all year long! I am mentioning Parent Reminders now, because part of having a stress free positive classroom is being organized. Nothing is worse or more stressful than scratching out a note at the end of the day! These grab and go notes are just like shout outs, 4 to a page, and easy to use!

    Freebie Ad

    This Picture Day freebie is available in the PREVIEW download on Teachers Pay Teachers.

    Download now new

    Would you like to try a few shout outs for free? Great!


    Download now new


    Download now new

    March 29, 2015

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    March 27, 2015

    Let’s Chalk About It

    Another week has flown by and I am excited to talk about some cool ideas to make life in the classroom easier!
    25 dollar to tpt
    Of course, I am linking up my 5 ideas with Doodle Bugs 5 for Friday.
    So let this party started and “chalk about it”.
    1When everything in your closet is in style and fits, it’s fun to get dressed for a day in the classroom. This is not the case for me right now. I am in a slump, bored with my clothes, and I’m devastated that the ones I really like are too small. {insert the sound of crunching Oreo Cookies} But, I found a blog that made me smile and rethink my wardrobe, my shape, and picking and pairing new outfits! The blog is Modern Modesty. Her outfits are DARLING!
    modern mod 1 Here is her post called “Getting Dressed Is Like Frosting A Cake.” I Love it! Such a good mental image of how to make an outfit happen. modern mod 2
    Check out her post on planning out your week’s worth of clothes. Her idea is really quite “out of the box” and kind of brilliant for getting new outfits out of your own closet and into your rotation. I find myself in the same clothes all the time because I don’t think about what I’m wearing when I am fully awake. I stumble into my closet, eyes half open, and grab something familiar- so I wear the same clothes constantly! You have to see how the outfits below come together.
    modern mod 3
    Seriously, this is the best post for getting more use out of a cute maxi dress- Here she's worn it 9 ways ! Please and Thank you Lauren! She is so cute.
    modern modesty 
    2 My blog post of the week is from the amazing Lisa Mattes who offers up an easy and free idea for helping our reluctant writers finish their work!Work With Writers Who Struggle To Complete Their Writing Pin 3I love it when my students are working collaboratively and this little center was both rigorous and novel. It was novel because we were writing on a flower instead of a worksheet. The rigor came in that the pairs had to come up with a verb and agree on the spelling of the verb together. Common Core is all about co-constructing learning!Fun Center- make it a shared pen
    If you laminate it before they write on it, then you use it year after year. Our campus laminator is forever broken, unavailable, and moody. So mine was not laminated. It will look darling up on the walls and then I will raffled it off and a child can it home.
    It’s time to get them comprehending and let me tell you that this unit will get you huge results. Wednesday, I added 5 more days worth of activities and a darling new poster to this product!
    Updated Preview Single Picture
    Download now new
    This packet truly works for my students! But you don’t have to take my word for it!
    feedback 1
     Feedback 2
    Updated Cover
    TPT 3
    5 Would you like to buy 35 Comprehension Builders and some other great classroom resources? I have got you covered! Enter the Rafflecopter for your chance to win $25 dollars to TpT!
    a Rafflecopter giveaway
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